DATE                                                    Sunday 21st October 2018

VENUE                                                Tasmania University Newnham Campus

TIME                                                     8.00am to 1.00pm

REASON FOR FUNCTION            To raise monies for St. Giles.






DATE                                                  Sunday 21st October 2018

VENUE                                               Tasmania University Newnham Campus

TIME                                                  8.00am to 1.00pm

REASON FOR FUNCTION                  To raise monies for St. Giles.

TOILET FACILITIES                            University Toilet Block (wheelchair accessible)

B.B.Q                                                 Rotary Club of Launceston

EVENT COORDINATOR                      Adrian Kok – 0498 196 059

MEDIA                                               Radio (7LA – Chilli FM)

NEWSPAPER                                      Examiner

PARKING                                           Northern entrance (off highway) to the university,

                                                             on grassed area  shown by marshals


ROAD CLOSURES                          Brooks Road between the two (2) roundabouts.

LENGTH OF RACE                         1.8 km for the heat.                 Heat starts at 9.30 am

2.7km for the final.                   Final starts at 12 noon, approx.

PARADE                                            9.00 am start for all teams.




For the Bed Challenge                        –                       $20 per team

Registration Form to be completed with the team name, the captain’s name plus all team member’s names.       Registration Forms :- (bed race registration form2018 (1))

Forms to be completed and handed into front desk receptionist at Lister Electrics Office, York

Street, Launceston.            





The team registration of $20 is to be paid at the time of application NO LATER THAN ONE MONTH prior to the event, to allow time for fund-raising.

Teams are to raise funds by sponsorship.       Sponsorship Forms :- (Sponsorship Sheet (1))

All monies raised MUST be handed in to the Westpac Bank, Brisbane Street, Launceston, TWO DAYS (Friday) prior to the event.

Anybody not part of any team wanting to donate on the day can do so at the registration tent.








The bed race has been an annual event since 1966 in the North Yorkshire township of Knaresborough. The Knaresborough bed race is the most historic and most widely renowned bed racing event in the world.


Bed racing is a rather undiscovered sport in which players race in teams of five (5), one of whom must be in the bed. The person on the bed must wear a HELMET.

Each team has their own bed that they decorate and prepare themselves in accordance with the given theme of the race.


The Launceston Bed Racing course is 900 metres per lap of which each heat of the bed race will consist of two (2) laps of the course.

The final of the bed race will be contested over three (3) laps of the course or 2.7 km.


There are many specific rules in the Launceston Bed Race. Failure to abide by these rules may lead to disqualification.

  • All teams registering for the race must do so one (1) month prior to the event. This is to allow time for teams to fundraise.
  • The bed, which the team have constructed, and the runners, are to be decorated in accordance to the given theme of the race, which this year is “Team Colours.”
  • On the race day each team must hand in their registration receipt form with the name of the team, name of the captain and the team members. This is to be handed into the registration tent on arrival.
  • All teams, with their bed and runners, must take part in the parade at 9am, prior to commencement of races.
  • All teams must follow directions from the race marshals and the race officials.
  • Each team consists of five (5) members which can be made up of one of the following combinations:
  • five (5) males
  • five (5) females or
  • a mixed team of males and females.
  • One member of the team is to be the person who sits or lies on the bed throughout the whole race. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THIS TEAM MEMBER WEARS A HELMET.


  • If you are competing as a junior team or as a school team, you must be over 12 years of age to qualify for entry into the race. You must also have parental consent if you are under 16 years of age.
  • Since each team consists of just five (5) players, no substitutions are permitted during the race, except where a team member has been injured prior to the race, in which case a substitute is permitted, provided the registration co-ordinator is informed.
  • Only one elected team member is allowed to ride on the bed during the race.
  • As the race progresses each bed and it’s racers must remain on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the course, unless passing another bed or if otherwise instructed by an official.
  • To finish the race no team may have less than four (4) members, one (1) on the bed and three (3) runners.
  • For the protection of both players and spectators, it will not be permitted for people to throw any objects or liquids at other teams or at spectators during the race.
  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOL can be consumed by the players or spectators at the venue on the day of the race. Any team member who shows up on the day and appears to be under the influence, will be disqualified and banned from participating in any other Launceston Bed Race in the future.
  • Each team must have the ability to complete the course within a 30 minute time frame. Except for the final.

Since the event is known as the “family event”, all teams members must behave appropriately

throughout the race. No swearing or inappropriate gestures are allowed. It is important that each

team captain and a designated team helper wear a provided coloured arm band to ensure their

eligibility in the race.


Each team must provide their own bed that is decorated according to the theme for the given year. (Team Colours). Included with the bed must be an air horn, whistle, etc., if possible.

In the Launceston Bed Race, the bed must be a single bed size and not permitted to exceed one (1) meter in width, three (3) meters in length and half (1/2) meter in height, but the ends of the bed can have supports of up to one (1) meter higher for the runners to have as a support. Each bed must have three or four wheels, maximum.

Every decoration should be removed from all beds prior to starting time of the race. Beds may not have any method of mechanical propulsion and must be examined and passed by examiners before the race.

Beds must be capable of supporting the passenger for the entire course.

There are basic requirements for beds. Wheels, gauges, bed length and width and there must be 2 ropes attached along the side of the bed for support for the passenger.


Launceston Bed Race Challenge Awards


            Fastest Team    all-round          –                                   Shield and gold medals

            Fastest Male Team                   –                                   Gold medals

            Fastest Female Team               –                                   Gold medals

            Fastest Mixed Team                –                                   Gold medals

            Fastest Male Junior Team        –                                   Gold medals

            Fastest Female Junior Team    –                                   Gold medals

            Best Dressed Bed                    –                                   5 boxes of chocolates


Shield for the fastest team will remain the property of the Rotary Club of Launceston and will be retained by the club.


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